Must-Have Essential Oils (5)

Essential oils offer a wide variety of benefits for every day body care, home care and more. But it can be difficult to determine where to start. 

These must-have essential oils for beginners are in the cabinets of every EO guru you’ll ever meet. And you may find that they carry these oils around with them wherever they go.

• Lavender Essential Oil – the floral scent makes it one of the best smelling essential oils that is beloved by many. Although this oil is known for being mild and calming, a few people are allergic so it’s important to take care.

• Peppermint Essential Oil – offers a myriad of health benefits as well as a boost of energy. Its minty scent is reminiscent of candy canes and fresh summer days.

• Lemon Essential Oil – fresh and fruity, lemon essential oil is often used for home cleaning and air freshening, but can also be used for many body care products.

• Eucalyptus Essential Oil – is distilled from the leaves of the tree and is great for body care products like salves and rubs.

• Frankincense Essential Oil – used extensively in incense and fine perfumes for thousands of years, frankincense essential oil is characterized by a resinous aroma and can bring a calming benefit to body care, diffusion and air freshening as well as grounding practices like meditation or yoga.

• Tea Tree Essential Oil – well known for its cleansing and purifying benefits, tea tree essential oil is great for a variety of body and home care products.

• Chamomile Essential Oil – This oil has a sweet, flowery scent that some people compare to apple blossoms. Can help bring a sense of calm. Roman Chamomile is also a suggested oil for use during times of anger or irritability.

• Rosemary Essential Oil – has a strongly herbal scent that has a mellow undertone reminiscent of camphor.  Can bring uplifting, energizing and purifying benefits to your airspace and body care.

• Patchouli Essential Oil – lends a floral, earthy aroma and grounding benefit to body care products, diffusion blends and more.

• Sweet Orange Essential Oil – the citrusy aroma of sweet orange essential oils bring uplifting, balancing and freshening benefits to a variety of body and home care products.

• Grapefruit Essential Oil – another oil from the popular citrus family, Grapefruit has an attractive scent that is energizing and affordably priced. Blend with spicy oils such as cinnamon for a balanced, warming atmosphere.

• Bergamot Essential Oil – especially great for homemade deodorants, but also other kinds of body and home care. Be sure to use bergaptene-free bergamot for skin care applications.