Can Reiki intensify symptoms?

Occasionally people experience a temporary aggravation or intensification of symptoms during or after a Reiki session. This may be as simple as a momentary feeling of discomfort at the site of an old injury or surgical scar. Such an experience resolves quickly and may be part of the body’s process of healing.

A temporary aggravation of symptoms sometimes occurs when people suffering from chronic conditions elect to receive multiple (and perhaps longer than usual) Reiki sessions in quick succession.


In this scenario, the person initially feels better-a general improvement in wellbeing and/or relief from specific symptoms-followed by a transient period in which the recipient either feels very tired and/or the symptoms return. Traditionally, this is seen as a positive response that indicates that the body’s healing mechanisms have been stimulated and the body is actively engaged in a healing process. A hallmark of this process is that the client is not anxious about the return of symptoms, but intuits that this is simply the body doing what it needs to do.

Continuing Reiki through this period brings comfort, reduces symptoms, and speeds the return of wellbeing. However, if there is any doubt, it is important to seek out whatever medical advice or health care is deemed appropriate.

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